WILD WOMEN FARM : Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wild Women Farm?

Wild Women Farm is a handful of folks who are passionate and engaged in seeking a more sustainable way of living, especially sustainable food systems. We want to disentangle ourselves from the industrial food system, and we have discovered that our experience of doing so is richer when we travel the road together.

What do you mean by “wild”?

The word wild has a number of meanings: agrarian, fierce, free, indigenous, lush, native, natural, unbroken, undomesticated, untamed. Many of the women associated with Wild Women Farm have their own definition of what wild means to them ... but, originally, the group was given the name Wild Women Farm because of the wild idea that brought them together: to break free of the industrial food system and to choose a more sustainable way of eating.

Who are the women of Wild Women Farm?

The women of Wild Women Farm are an eclectic group, from diverse backgrounds, with a variety of skills and passions and roles: pastor, nurse, mother, writer (to name just a few). Our common interest is  food that is good tasting, good for our bodies, and good for the earth. Our common goal is to feed our families (and yours) more sustainably.

What is the purpose of Wild Women Farm?

The women of Wild Women Farm are growing food and raising livestock so that their families - and yours - might eat more sustainably.